Smarthub updates

Cloud-bridge 1.2.8
  • Fixed a problem on big sites where state message was too big. Compression is now used to handle this
Fhbutler 1.1.3
  • Improvements to cmd.gateway.get_active_adapters
Vinculum 3.0.23
  • Fixes an issue where type and subtype of a device would incorrectly change to "none" (null) on core restart if user changed subtype to "main_elec" and the type was auto deduced to "meter"
  • Add support for FIMP commands cmd.log.set_level and cmd.log.get_level
  • Add support for device type "chargepoint", with subtype "car_charger"
  • Add support for device type "media_player"
  • Add support for device subtype "inverter"
Note: The chargepoint, car_charger & inverter are not released yet, but the hub is ready for the device types
Vinculum 3.0.21
  • Do not trigger heating relays in rooms without temp sensor
  • Devices type: Fixes an issue with numeric sensor services where, for the purposes of deciding device type, a service was considered to be a numeric sensor service when its name started with 'meter_', and not 'sensor_' as intended
zigbee-ad 0.3.10
zigbee adapter 0.3.10 changes:
  • Stability improvements.
  • More reliable device remove procedure
  • Improved discovery process
  • Improved HAN support
zigbee firmware 0.3.119 changes:
  • Fix chip getting stuck sending events to adapter
  • Fix an edge case where devices cannot be controlled after reboot
  • Fix an issue with trying to remove devices after booting
  • Fix SoC reboot on certain events
  • Fix devices leaving the network for no apparent reason
  • Fix for an issue preventing newly included devices from being discovered
zwave-ad 1.0.7141
Bug fixes
  • Fixed siren control bug (unable to turn on siren)
zwave-ad 1.0.7140
Bug fixes
  • Fixed “dead adapter” when Z-Ware lose TCP connection with ZIP (AKA nothing works)
  • Fixed User Code adding (loooooong PINs were not accepted)
  • Fixed channel/service mismatch due to channel synchronization
  • Fixed User CC commands (get and clear)
  • Z-Ware: Thermostat Setpoint CC: v3+ Set returns error on out of supported range values
  • Z-Ware: Config CC v3+ Set returns error for out of supported range values
New features and Improvements
  • Added template for Telldus Plug-In Switch Mini
  • Added template for Namron - Z-Wave dimmer 400W
  • Added template for Aeotec - Smart Switch 6 - updated with basic mapping
  • Added event when user unlocks the door from the app
  • Added exclusion report for NODE_RESET event
  • Added support for BASIC_SET report (sent by device)
  • Added Schenider Switch template
  • Added support for extended battery information (charging, health, overheating...)
  • Added support for Application CC messages (logging only)
  • Added “re-interview the node” command
  • Added real number of User Code CC supported users
  • Added restarting of ZIP when Z-Ware is unable to initialize
  • Added critical.log for logging fire alarm messages
  • Increased number of retries from 4 to 16 (adapter -> ZIP). Fixed UX when controlling many devices
  • Extended API for User Code Service
  • Changed Version Service report (now humans can read)
  • Revamped logging (severity level configuration)
  • Easylogging replaced with plog
  • Compatible with Z-Ware 7.14.x
  • Z-Ware: Nodes are now using highest granted key class to control even insecure CCs
  • Z-Ware: Improved AssociationCC and Multichannel AssociationCC (they included FH fix)
zipgateway 7.13.109
Fixed bugs
  • re-routing endpoint to a correct one (not to zero)
  • added dependency on libssl1.0.2