App update

Futurehome 5.4.0
  • Added support for pairing and unpairing EnOcean devices.
  • Added tracing identifier to http calls.
  • Added biometrics before adding user.
  • Added support for heating automations.
Fixes / Changes:
  • Users could not reset password.
  • Timeline was not loaded after hub factory reset.
  • Widget did not properly parse SS.
  • When siren is unavailable, it should be reflected under detailed data.
  • Temperature --> Climate under automations for size reasons.
  • Buttons should not overflow on room view on small devices.
  • Buttons were clipped on shading tile on small devices.
  • Prevent race condition where state could be gotten before structure.
  • Minor design changes for playground.
  • Use get_version instead of check_updates to get current installed version.
  • Several other bug, ui and performance fixes.